Events at Newry Beach and Holyhead Marina

Newry Beach and the adjacent Newry Greens have been used for decades to host events, activities and entertainment. Annually it hosts the Holyhead Festival and provides the home for visiting circuses and funfairs. Holyhead Marina hosts a number of events throughout the year including The Old Gaffers sailing festival and the round Anglesey RIB event. Click here to watch Traditional Sailing Festival at Newry Beach on You Tube.
The Holyhead RNLI Life Boat station hosts an annual open day and the Holyhead Sailing Club organise a number of sailing and marine events throughout the year.

What a magnificent place to hold these events. The backdrop is truly breath taking; at least it is at the moment BUT it will not be if the proposed concrete jungle is installed on the beach. It just does not make sense that Anglesey County Council and Holyhead Town Council are prepared to give up an important and unique asset by letting Conygar Stena destroy the beach. We hope the new era, post May 2013, of local governance will bring the Council to it senses to stop the destruction of Newry Beach.

Forthcoming events at Newry Beach

We will post details here of forthcoming activities on Newry Beach.

Past events:

25th -27th July 2014. Holyhead Festival.


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