APPEAL TO RAISE £15,000 URGENTLY                                                                                       Save Our Seafront

Town or Village Green Registration of Newry Beach, Promenade and Greens    Holyhead, Anglesey


3rd October to 10th October 2016, at Holyhead Town Hall

The Waterfront Action Group, together with the generosity of public support, has so far campaigned successfully for a Public Inquiry to be held for the Registration of Newry Beach, Promenade and Greens, as a Town or Village Green.

If we achieve Registration, this will mean that the Conygar Stena Ltd proposed Waterfront Development will not go ahead on any part of the Town / Village Green, which will be free for everyone to use for recreation and leisure activities.

If Registration is not achieved, the proposed development will be able to proceed: No beach from the Maritime Museum to the Sailing Club. Plans for five storey high apartments built into the harbour, shops and offices along the shoreline.

No access to the area for many years whilst disruptive building works are in progress. The unique ambiance of our Waterfront permanently destroyed.

To maximise our chance of putting our case successfully we must appoint a barrister by the middle of August, to represent us at the Public Inquiry. For this we need to raise at least £15,000 urgently.

It is NOW or NEVER to Save Our Seafront.

This is our ONE and ONLY certain chance to keep Newry Beach, Promenade and Greens intact; our Jewel in the Crown of Holyhead.

Please act now to help Save Our Seafront by making a donation here on our website.

Alternatively you can donate at our ‘Go Fund Me” page:

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Thank you

If you prefer you can donate by sending a cheque made payable to the Waterfront Action Group Newry Beach Holyhead  to:

Waterfront Action Group, c/o Kylemore, Porth Y Felin Road, Holyhead, LL65 1AU

Thank you for your support.

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